Friday, October 6, 2017

A Jell-O Pinterest Fail

Ha! Yep, you read right! A Pinterest fail occurred in the Kiser house today! I wish I could tell you it was the first time...but it isn't! It probably (definitely) won't be the last either! I love Pinterest...but sometimes I just want to scream LIES! 

So, how did I fail? Let's start at the beginning. The birth of a beautiful dream by my 6 year old son! "Mom, can we make Lego Jell-O?" 

Well, of course...I went to Pinterest and found this photo! 

Gorgeous right? After reading a few more articles, we decided on Mega Blocks!

And the dream began to become a reality!


Mega Blocks...CHECK! 

Let's conquer this!

Arranged the Mega Blocks! 

Sprayed the blocks with oil, prepared Jell-O and poured into the Mega Blocks! (I'm thinking...I AM GOOD.) 

Who even did THREE colors? This gal. The kids helped; it was a proud momma moment! Pretty much feeling like a rock star at this point. Just Saying.

Jell-O in fridge for hours upon hours...CHECK! 

Now, the excitement of my children is just too much to handle. I heard the words "best mom ever" and rumblings of "mom of the year" (where my trophy?)

And happened. Imagine this next part in slow-mo if you will. 


Now...excuse me. These do not look like Mega Blocks. Where did I go wrong?? Well...I don't know. I went back to the turns out they didn't have success either. (Mental Note: Read the whole article next time...) Except for that crazy picture I posted first. And guess what? There was no article with that picture! LIES. Lol. son ate the jello out of the Mega Block with a spoon. Actually with 1/8 teaspoon spoon. I wish I had snapped a picture of that. Priceless. Anyway, I must be parenting semi-correctly because Rex was happy as a clam to eat it out off the block itself. Win? Eh. 

What a waste. In closing...DON'T try this at home. :)

Farm Week

It has been a few weeks since I have posted about our Tot School, so I felt it was time to do a post! Livi and I had a great time this week learning about farm animals, and all things on the subject of farms!

First, we started by working on animals names and sounds. I placed these animals cards from Mrs. Plemon's Kindergarten Tot School in a sensory bin with some Spanish Moss. Possibly the easiest sensory bin ever and she loved it. 

She did great on most of the animals names and knew all of the animal sounds! She did not know tractor, farmer, and barn but now she does! 

Next, we pulled out the Lego Duplo Farm Set. Olivia loves Lego Duplos and they are great for her motor skills. 

We built the farm and played with the animals. She was very intrigued by the instruction book so we spent some time looking at that as well! 

Our favorite books this week were First Farm Words, Farm Animals, and Big Red Barn

 She learned so many new words which made me really proud!

Our craft for the week was a cotton ball sheep! The craft was fun and simply! Materials included cotton balls, googly eyes (you can make these out of paper if you need to though) and black paper! 

During craft time, I focused on her gluing and her fine motor skills. 

We also did another sensory bin this week that consisted of her washing her toy animals. We purchased the Munchkin Barnyard Friends (which can also be played with in the tub!) 

I ran some warm water in the sensory bin then added some tear-free shampoo. Please with the little ones, use tear-free! You will thank me later. 

She did this for an entire hour! I was shocked! She loved this activity the most. I think it is time for her to start washing dishes. :) 

 We also worked on hand coordination with tracing. This is not an easy concept for toddlers but so important to practice.

I was really impressed with her coordination. We have some work to do, but I think for the first time, she did great! 

We also love doing stickers to work on fine motor skills. This Melissa and Doug Puffy Sticker Farm Set was perfect! Puffy stickers are great because they still help with fine motor but there is less "picking" involved with pulling them off the paper! 

Our last activity of the week was butter making! It was challenging to get pictures of this activity but I snapped a few. To make butter you just need heavy whipping cream, a jar, and a marble (or something similar.)

Pour the heavy whipping cream into the jar, drop the marble in, screw the lid on, and shake...a lot!

It takes a team effort! Finally, it will look like butter! We added a little salt to ours to make it taste better! It was delicious!

We had a great farm week we are looking forward to some Fall and Halloween themed weeks very soon!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Candy Sushi

Hey Y'all! 

Today we were looking for something crafty to do and something yummy to eat! We decided to combine the two! 

We made some delicious candy sushi! 

Candy Sushi is one of the easiest and quickest things you can make with your kids! 

First, make a batch of rice crispie treats! 

Rice Crispie Treat Ingredients:

3 tbsp. of butter (real butter)

10 oz. bag of marshmallows 

6 cups of rice cereal


Melt butter and stir in marshmallows.

Add in rice cereal and stir

Using wax paper, press rice crispies in a 9x12 rectangle (in a pan or on a cutting board.) 

Next, cut strips of rice crispies and add in candy. We used Swedish Fish and Twizzlers!

Then, roll up the "sushi" and wrap it in a Fruit Roll-Up or Twizzlers Pull and Peel! 

Finally, eat it! Yum! 

I mean...does he have to smear it on his face? Lol! Must have been just THAT good! 

Like I said, quick...easy...and fun!