Saturday, January 6, 2018

Galaxy Slime

Rex got a set of Elmer’s Galaxy Slime (the kit to make it) for Christmas! We decided to get it out today and make it. 

I really highly recommend this activity for your kids at home. The only draw back is it only comes with the glue. So make sure you have baking soda and contact lens solution! 

The recipe for making it is on the back of the box. I know you can find it on Pinterest, but it was so much easier having it right there! 

The box comes with 3 bottles of glitter glue! It is cheaper to buy this set than all three individually. 

I had the kids dump the bottles of glue in 3 different bowls. 

Next we added the baking soda and mixed!

Finally, we added the contact solution to make it turn into actual slime.


Mix and you are done! If it is too sticky, you can add more contact solution (we had to do this on two of the colors.) 

The kids had so much fun playing with it! You can even mix the colors together. Livi wanted her pink all to herself but we mixed the blue and purple!

Give this a try if you want! We had a blast with it today! I love making memories with these munchkins! 

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