Sunday, December 31, 2017

Disney Rides...My Opinion...Per Request!

Alright, Disney Fans! I cannot believe how many views my impromptu Disney post received. I am so glad it helped so many of you. You may want to save this one somewhere too. After many requests, I am writing a blog about the best rides (in my opinion) for kids.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Disney blogger, nor am I aspiring to be. lol. I am not being paid by Disney and these are only my opinions. If you do not agree, please do not send me hate mail or messages. It is a shame that I even have to say that, but it really did happen with my last post.

Now on to the fun things! My children are 2 and 6 (almost 3 and 7.) Take that into consideration when reading this. :)

Overall ride information:  Many of the rides require children to be 40 inches tall. I just googled height requirements to see if my son was tall enough. Below I will list the best rides and long or short wait times. The long wait times are the ones I would book fast passes for! Also, you can book 3 fast passes per park per day, but then after you have used one, you can book another!

Magic Kingdom: (There are more rides, these are our favorites!)

Ages 6+:
Splash Mountain-Long Wait Time
Big Thunder Mountain- Long Wait Time
Space Mountain- Long Wait Time
Haunted Mansion- Long Wait Time
Tea Cups-Short Wait Time
The Barnstormer- Short Wait Time

Dumbo- Short Wait Time
Aladdin Carpet- Short Wait Time
Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor- Super Long Wait Time
Astro Orbiter: Short Wait Time

It is a Small World- Long Wait Time
People Mover- Short Wait Time
Pirates of the Carribean- Long Wait Time

Epcot: (There are more rides, these are our favorites!)

Ages 6+:

Spaceship Earth: Short Wait
Frozen: Super Long Wait
Nemo: Short Wait
Turtle Talk: Short Wait
Imagination with Figment: Short Wait

Living with the Land

Adult Only:
Mission Space (makes you motion sick)
Test Track (or older child--11 or older)

NOTE: My 6-year-old loved all of the toddler ones too. I just listed them under toddler because they are safe for toddlers.

Hollywood Studios: (There are more rides, these are our favorites!)

Indiana Jones Show- Times Vary
Beauty and the Beast Show- Times Vary
Star Wars Tours- Short Wait
Toy Story Mania- Long Wait

Adult or Older Kid:
Tower of Terror- Long Wait
Rockin' Roller Coaster- Long Wait

Animal Kingdom: (There are more rides, these are our favorites!)

Ages 6+:
Kalli River Rapids- Long Wait
Primeval Whirl- Short Wait
Na'Vi River Journey- Long Wait

Safari (SO AWESOME) Long Wait
Expedition Everest- Super Long Wait

Triceratops Spin- Short Wait

Universal Studios: I would love some input on this from my fellow Disney fans. I have not been with younger children but it seems to me most of the rides are for older kids. We do love Harry Potter World and all of the fantastic rides at this park. I just do not know much that littles can do!

If you organize your fast passes correctly, you can get on just about any ride you want. Space them out through the day. Starting early (using all 3) then booking more throughout the day!

You can also book fast passes for Characters! I highly recommend this if you have fast passes to spare!

I really hope this post has helped you! Please feel free to comment with questions you may have! Disney can be such a blast, you just have to plan it out well! If you plan it out, the crowds do not matter!

Happy Disneying! 

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