Friday, October 6, 2017

A Jell-O Pinterest Fail

Ha! Yep, you read right! A Pinterest fail occurred in the Kiser house today! I wish I could tell you it was the first time...but it isn't! It probably (definitely) won't be the last either! I love Pinterest...but sometimes I just want to scream LIES! 

So, how did I fail? Let's start at the beginning. The birth of a beautiful dream by my 6 year old son! "Mom, can we make Lego Jell-O?" 

Well, of course...I went to Pinterest and found this photo! 

Gorgeous right? After reading a few more articles, we decided on Mega Blocks!

And the dream began to become a reality!


Mega Blocks...CHECK! 

Let's conquer this!

Arranged the Mega Blocks! 

Sprayed the blocks with oil, prepared Jell-O and poured into the Mega Blocks! (I'm thinking...I AM GOOD.) 

Who even did THREE colors? This gal. The kids helped; it was a proud momma moment! Pretty much feeling like a rock star at this point. Just Saying.

Jell-O in fridge for hours upon hours...CHECK! 

Now, the excitement of my children is just too much to handle. I heard the words "best mom ever" and rumblings of "mom of the year" (where my trophy?)

And happened. Imagine this next part in slow-mo if you will. 


Now...excuse me. These do not look like Mega Blocks. Where did I go wrong?? Well...I don't know. I went back to the turns out they didn't have success either. (Mental Note: Read the whole article next time...) Except for that crazy picture I posted first. And guess what? There was no article with that picture! LIES. Lol. son ate the jello out of the Mega Block with a spoon. Actually with 1/8 teaspoon spoon. I wish I had snapped a picture of that. Priceless. Anyway, I must be parenting semi-correctly because Rex was happy as a clam to eat it out off the block itself. Win? Eh. 

What a waste. In closing...DON'T try this at home. :)


  1. Nothing will ever surpass the Pinterest giraffe cake we attempted to make. Lol.

    Hillary’s mom. #shecomesbyithonestly