Monday, April 3, 2017

Lady Bug Craft with my Little Lady Bug!

I was in search for a cute craft to do with Livi today, but I didn't want to buy anything. lol. I rummaged through our craft draws and compiled a few things to use! I had to share how cute it turned out! It was fun, she was able to do most of it by herself, and it turned out ADORABLE!

So if you have a paper plate, some red paint, and construction are set!

I squirted some red paint on a paper plate and flipped another paper plate over. I taped it down, so it wouldn't slide all over the place. She painted the entire plate. 

We let the plate dry for a bit, then I cut an arch out and some small strips. I had to staple this part...if you use construction paper, you could just have them glue it. We used this foam glitter stick-able paper!

I also cut out these shapes because let's face 2 year old can't cut yet! :) After that, it was so simple though...she just peeled and stuck! 

She still isn't great at peeling, so I started them for her, then she peeled the rest of the way!

Can you tell she is proud? :) Like I said, construction paper or card stock would work fine! I just had this pretty paper laying around from a project earlier in the year! 

I know this was a quick post! I hope you enjoyed this though! Quick little activities like this are fun, cheap, and make the most wonderful memories! :)

Have a great week!

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