Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ocean Engagement! 

We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and I really wanted to work with Livi on some ocean themed things! I knew she would like them, but I actually couldn't believe how much she LOVED them! 

We started with Sand Molds! Texture is a huge obstacle for little ones, but she adapted to this really well! This sand was from the Target Dollar Spot ($3.) It feels similar to Mad Mattr Sand or Kinetic Sand! I highly recommend it! The clean up is so easy and it doesn't dry out! 

Our two focus texts for the week were Where is Baby's Beach Ball and Seaside. Both books are super cute and engaging for little ones! 

After our books, we did some Dot Painting! Sometimes when we don't have much time to get completely messy, so we just do Dot Paint instead of regular painting! 

Next we moved to doing our sensory bin! It had been a few weeks since I had done the water beads, so you better believe I busted those out again! :) 

We talked about the types of ocean animals, pretended they were swimming, hid them, and just explored with these! 

And then this happened during by brief restroom break. :) I love this kid and her creativity! 

Now, we did a really fun Jelly Fish activity but I couldn't get a great picture of it, so I'm going to share think for the place I found the idea! 

Our Pet Jelly Fish was so much fun! 

Olivia played with this for so long! She loved it! 

My picture is NOT Pinterest worthy, but it really looked great while moving! The link above includes the EASY instructions! :)

Next we made a fun crab! Just a paper plate stapled in half, painted, then I put metallic paper strips on it for legs! 

Livi loves painting, so we also did a Jelly Fish like this! 

I love watching her carry these around all day and show daddy when he gets home! 

Next we did some more ocean exploration! 

I froze some of the smaller ocean animals with some blue food coloring, then we put them in a bowl of water! The kids loved this! It was fun watching them melt, watching the water change color, and playing with the animals! 

Lastly, we wrapped up our ocean week with this Melissa and Doug Puzzle! Livi loves it but gets so frustrated with the starfish! Lol. 

We have been so busy but we are finally out for summer! I'm happy have both of my kids with me and be prepared to see some fun blog posts coming your way soon! 

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Have a fabulous week!


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