Friday, November 17, 2017

Fall is Keeping Us Busy

It has been a wonderful fall season so far! We have stayed pretty busy with football season, pumpkin patch trips, and roasting marshmallows. Yep, 70 degree temperatures here don't stop us from pretending it is 40 degrees.

I have not done much Tot School in the last week or so, well not organized curriculum anyway. We have done some blog-worthy crafts though!

Olivia enjoyed making her own version of pumpkin pie! I did most of the prep work on this. She is still working on her cutting skills, so I knew it would go much more smoothly if I prepared it!

I showed the steps below to prep the activity! Very simple, very few materials!

After it was prepped, I let her take over. I gave her an orange Kwik Stix. If you do not have these, I would suggest buying them! When you do not have the time for a painting mess, these are perfect!

She enjoyed "coloring" (painting) the piece of pie! 

After she was done painting, we glued the crust on the piece of pie. 

Add a cotton ball for whipped topping, and your craft is complete!

Next, we did an acorn hunt...followed by acorn painting!

Getting outdoors is so much fun for Olivia! I do it any chance we get! She found 6 acorns (there are not very many around our neighborhood.) We played for a while outside after that, then came in to do our acorn painting. 

We used a foil pan. I taped some paper in the pan and grabbed some paint.

I let Olivia squirt the paint in the pan. She loved it! 

Then just add in your acorns.


Now, the end result isn't anything super "beautiful" but the process was so fun!

The last two activities we did were an absolute blast! Livi had the best time and we both laughed so hard. 

First up, Turkey Haircuts! Yep! You read that right!

I hot glued some feathers to a plate and drew a turkey face! Then Livi gave him a haircut!

Last, Feeding the Turkey! Pardon our feather remains on the table. :)

When doing this activity, YOU MUST talk for the turkey. :) Olivia laughed so hard when I talked for the turkey. Pure joy. 

Anyway, that's a wrap, folks! I will be taking a break through the Thanksgiving holidays on all things work related! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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