Sunday, February 12, 2017

Edible Chocolate Play Dough

Okay, can you say yum? I dough and you can eat it. It smelled delicious, tasted similar to cookie dough and worked just like play dough! I am impressed! I had share it with you and a fun printable!

Now, I had to play around with this recipe A LOT but I think I finally got it perfect for you! I wanted to share it in my upcoming post of Valentine activities Livi and I will do this week, but I really wanted you guys and gals to have it BEFORE Valentine's Day so you could try it with your kids!

So, the recipe is in the picture below or in the download under the picture. Just click the link and you can get these cute cards to go with your bag o' play dough! :)

So we started with all of the ingredients placed out on the table. Organization is key. 

Then I called the kids in to help! Oh man, they were so excited! I let each of them take turns adding the ingredients. I didn't get great pictures of that because I was supervising (a must!) lol. 

Then they were ready to mix the ingredients! 

Finally, we had to dive in with our hands! We just mushed and smushed until it became a play dough consistency. If you try this and your play dough ends up a bit dry and crumbly, just add a little more oil. This recipe worked great for us, but I know every one is different!

Play time was next. I didn't get a good picture of Livi playing with it, but I will later in the week! Rex was a pro though! :) I just gave him some heart cookie cutters (from TARGET) and laid some parchment paper down. 

Guys, the smell was amazing. I tasted it and it was yuuummmy! The kids didn't want to taste it. I think all of my "do NOT eat the play dough" from their real play dough must have stuck with them! lol. 

It made the best cut outs and was an easy clean up! 

We had a great time and I am excited to do more Valentine fun this week! I hope you all have a great Valentine week! Please feel free to comment with any fabulous ideas you do with your kiddos! I love collaborating with mommies and teachers! 


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