Friday, February 10, 2017

HUGS for the Teacher? Why Not!

We have not officially begun our week of Valentine fun and goodness, next week is BUSY! Between doctor appointments, a Valentine party, and Livi's birthday party prep...I hope I get something accomplished! lol.

Anyway, I am trying to get ahead of the game...before I get behind. So I finished up Rex's teacher's gift today. I thought I would hop on here and show you what I did and provide a printable for you (if you want to do the same thing!)

So...the dollar spot at Target is my friend! My very. best. friend. So I snagged this cute bucket in the dollar spot (I will warn was $3.00) lol. Then I grabbed some yummy Hersey's kisses...(the cupcake flavor) because they had the prettiest wrapper. I'm such a sucker. I bought three only took one to fill it up. Does anyone else have trouble estimating stuff like this? Geez. It is a problem.


So I filled up the adorable bucket and then it sat at my house for two days until I made a tag for it! :) Today, I made a tag. Well, four actually. Good thing though because I messed up twice writing Rex's name (and it is still crooked, can you say OCD?) It has been a LONG week. lol. 

And there you have it...simple, cheap, DONE! I think the whole thing cost me $9 but would have cost me $5 or less had I not bought enough kisses (hugs) to fill up a bath tub! 

I had some red and white string, so I used that to tie it on the bucket! I am sure she will love it and he will love giving her something special! 

Now, I am risking her seeing this (sorry Mrs. Chapman) before Valentine's Day so that I can give you this template! I hope you will find it useful! Just click to download!

Fonts are by A Perfect Blend and Clipart is by Educlips.

Until Next Time, 

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