Friday, February 24, 2017

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

So mommy life has got me exhausted this week! Livi turned two on Monday (yay!!) but now has strep and the flu! Rex also has strep and the flu. My husband had the flu on Monday. I am waiting...will I be next? Who knows! I have meds called in just in case I need them! We mommies have to think ahead, right?

Anyway, despite the illnesses running our house right now, Livi and I dove into a little "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" action! First, I love all of Eric Carle's books. Second, she loves this book and insists we read it every night. I knew she would love some activities to go with it!

We started by reading the book a few times. Like I said, she loves this book so she was engaged from the beginning! Then we moved to our sensory bin!

For the sensory bin, I bought 5 bags of black beans at Wal-Mart ($.88 ea.) and then put in some play fruit from the kid's kitchen. I also snagged the adorable caterpillar on Amazon and it was the perfect size!

I added in two plastic cups and a measuring spoon and she had a blast! In fact, I have left it out all week and both kids play with it every night! While she was playing though, we talked about colors, fruit names, pretended to feed the caterpillar, and buried the fruit. She loved every second of it! 

Okay, have you ever TRIED to get a picture of your child and they will not be still? Holy cow! So we made this headband...I cut, she glued, and then she wouldn't be still wearing it! She danced, pranced, and ran! lol. That's okay though, that just means she liked it! It was very easy to make though, just construction paper, scissors and glue! 

Next, we did this C is for caterpillar page! I used pom poms and I created this C is for Caterpillar Page.

She needed some help knowing where to glue them, but she caught on fast! 

Lastly, we finished up with her NEW favorite book!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABC is a GREAT book for toddlers! Now we read it every night and every day! lol. 

Next week we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss and I cannot wait! Hope you all have a great and HEALTHY weekend! 


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