Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Today you are you! That is truer than true!

I love me some Dr. Seuss. (yes, I know that was grammatically incorrect.) I mean, I love the creativity, the rhyming, the pictures...I love it all. To say I was a little excited about this week would be an understatement!

Olivia and I started out with Ten Apples Up On Top!

We read the book, then we practiced our block stacking skills. The girl is a champ when it comes to stacking blocks, so she loved this! 

I also printed these fun number cards! These are free in Star Magnolia's TpT Shop! I laminated them and then had Olivia just play with them. She is too young to really do much with them, but I was able to talk to her about the numbers and she could point to one dot, two dots, etc. Rex also enjoyed ordering them when he got home after I read the book to him! 

Next, I found this adorable video on YouTube! It is Ten Apples Up On Top to a Jason Mraz song! Livi was totally hooked on this!

We finished up this book by making some Apple Scented Play-Dough! The recipe is easy and it is completely safe for the little ones! It is totally edible too! :)

I had never made play dough before with marshmallows but I may never use anything else again! I loved the consistency, and the smell! Olivia was a big fan of it also!

Next, we read Green Eggs and Ham! I love this toddler version, Olivia liked squeaking the egg at the top and spinning it! She enjoyed the story too, but let's be honest, the egg was her favorite. 

After we read the book, we "cooked" some green eggs while working on our letters! Each egg has a letter or picture. I would show her the letter and the corresponding picture. (A, Ant...etc.) Grab the Green Egg Printable and try this one with your little ones! Olivia is my little chef, so she loved using mommy's pan! 

And in case you need a good laugh and want someone else to read the book to your child...Tebow does a great job! I died when I saw this.  

We finished up our week with Put Me in the Zoo! This book is all about colors and Olivia loves her colors! She is getting close to being able to actually say them all, so proud about that!

We started with reading the book, then did a craft when Rex got home from school! During the day, I let Olivia paint both plates yellow. (Mainly because I knew they would need to dry before the kids could do anything else with them...) 

And FYI...her hair looks REALLY strange in this picture, but it is just the angle. lol.

Then the I drew the faces on the plates after they dried (just using a Sharpie) and then the kids glued on little pom poms and googly eyes! I mean googly eyes are where it is at people. 

I loved the finished product! 

And, because the rest of the week will be jammed with appointments and things, we had to wrap up "Seuss Week" today! We did our last activity which was a sensory bin. To be honest, I just threw in things I already had...we all know Seuss loves colors! So does Olivia! It is a bit of a hot mess, but it was free! 

So we worked today on matching big letters with little letters. She had no clue. lol. Regardless though, she had fun! :)

So, tomorrow is Dr. Seuss's birthday! Definitely not too late to try some of these with your little ones! Have a great rest of the week and HAPPY MARCH!

Until Next Time,

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