Wednesday, March 8, 2017

St. Patty's Day!

Honest moment...we are doing our St. Patrick's Day activities a week early! Why? Well, Spring Break falls right during St. Patrick's Day, and we have a zoo trip planned, and time with Gam, and Mimi, and just so much fun crammed into one week that I do not see St. Patrick getting any love. So, here we go! St. Patty is happening a week early! Bring on the green!

Well we actually started with rainbows, but its all in keeping with the theme, right? I started off Monday with a pop of color and Olivia loved it. Sunday night, I mixed up some rice into 6 different bags. I added a tablespoon of water to each bag and then some food color. Shake, shake, shake...and viola! Rainbow rice. How did it make it perfectly straight? Simple. I folded a piece of cardstock and used it as a divider as I poured each color into the bin. The coins at the end of the rainbow (gold, if you will) are from the Target dollar spot! 

Olivia acted like she didn't want to mess it up at first, but then...she threw caution rice to the wind. I mean, rice was everywhere...I would have done it outside...but it was raining. Dyson to the rescue though, no harm done. 

It is even pretty when it is all mixed up!

Next, we took a break and had a little homemade, organic, St. Patrick snack. (yeah, no.)  People, my child won't ever. She gobbled these up. So I think we will have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next two weeks. I'm only kidding...maybe. 

Of course, next it was time to paint. In keeping with using things mostly around my house...I decided I would try using marshmallows to paint with (since I used them last week in my Apple Scented Play Dough) Turns out, this idea was already wildy popular on Pinterest...I am just a year too late. *whomp*

So I made a cute template to use, and we started painting. If you want my Marshmallow Shamrock Template, click the link! 

I didn't get many pictures of her doing it because I had to hold her hand to get her to stamp in the correct place. So, so cute though! 

I plan on laminating it (after the paint dries)...PSA: do not ever put a piece of paper with wet paint in the laminator...a friend told me it is a bad idea. (yeah, that friend is me. I did it one time, it broke my laminator...don't do it.)

The next day we had some fun with Play-Doh! We just used green Play-Doh and this Shamrock Cookie Cutter.

Olivia had fun rolling it out then I helped her with the cookie cutter! :)

Play-Doh is wonderful for the little one's motor skills and sensory. We use it any time we can!

Next, I created this St. Patrick Number Sort. And are these noodles not ADORABLE? I grabbed these at TJ Maxx, believe it or not!  But they are also available on Amazon! However, they are dang expensive there! lol. So If you can find them at TJ Maxx, go for it! I got one bag (which was plenty) for $2.99! If you can't find these, you can use anything green! Play-Doh, Pom Poms, Lucky Charms etc. 

So I just talked about the numbers with Livi. She can now say two and five. :) Then we practiced putting the correct number of shamrock pastas in the circles!

Remember, she is tiny and I don't want to push anything on I just let her explore afterwards with the pasta. She had fun with the whole thing! 

And to wrap up our week of St. Patrick fun, we did some "Leprechaun Writing." Basically, just Wilton's Green Sprinkles (they sparkle a bit in the sun) and a cookie sheet! She loved doing this! I loved it because it wasn't too messy but she still had fun! I would recommend doing it outside though, the sprinkles littered the grass quite nicely. lol. 

So, even though this a week early, I hope you enjoy these St. Patrick Activities at home with your little ones! Spring Break is next week, so I will be taking the week off from blogging and enjoying my little ones at the zoo, park, and other fun places! 

Have a great rest of the week!

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