Saturday, December 16, 2017

Cooking with my Kids

Tonight was a blast! We have been doing Hello Fresh for a few months now and love it! (This is not a sales pitch!) lol. 

Tonight I had my kids help me with pork tacos! I only order from Hello Fresh when they offer meals I know my kids will eat also! Pork tacos are always accepted in this house! 

Now, hang with pictures aren’t perfect. :)

I ordered this apron and chef hat from Amazon! 

I also ordered these kid friendly knives. Much to my surprise...they really do cut but are totally safe for kids! 

I had Olivia (age 2) cutting cilantro! She loved helping (and it really did help me out!) 

Rex (age 6) was a huge help! He cut all of the lettuce then cut the peppers! He also helped sauté the meat and onions!

His technique was a bit forced at first. Lol. But he got the hang of it! 

The great thing about Hello Fresh is it comes with a recipe card and all of the ingredients. I also feel like I’m modeling healthy eating. Because let’s face it...I’m not showing them the prep of the pizza lunchables or pop tarts they have at least twice a week! Lol.

Livi also helped me pickle the onions (that were later sautéed with the meat!)

I did not get a picture of the finished product...but it was amazing! Paper plates and all! :) 

More than anything...I hope these kids remember their memories in the kitchen with me as fondly as I will!

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Have a great weekend!!

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